Weedhunt - Cannabis related content search engine with web + image search and latest news.
Jun 21 2014 by FaTe
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Weedhunt is a custom search engine that focuses only on cannabis related content. Our custom crawl spider adds thousands of new pages to our index daily.

Our news page collects the latest news all day everyday making it a popular update page to quickly see all the latest headlines. Searching extends to all areas of the site covering web, image and news meaning you can research anything cannabis related in a number of media types including video when available.

You will connect to weedhunt over an SSL secure connection so all browsing and search history are truly private.

Our App only requires basic network connectivity and no other resources, designed to be as light weight and fast as possible.

Of course a search engine isn't complete without Easter eggs to go find. One of our favourites is a take on a classic game called mine sweeper. To play simple search for:

"join the weedhunt" (without quotes)
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